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9th Holes Golf Course

by Doug Jaggers
Playing 2,667 yards from the back tees, Dakota Landing isn’t one of those nine-hole courses that golfers can get by with just a nine iron and a putter. There’s plenty of room to let it rip. Holes six and seven invite week-end hackers to do their best John Daly im-pressions down the wide-open fairways.
The 460-yard sixth is a straight forward hole. A creek intersects the fairway a couple hundred yards out, but it is the only hazard on the hole. The seventh plays 465 yards. If the drive is straight there is little to worry about on this hole as well. There is a small pond and out of bounds along the left side of the fairway.
There are plenty of places to drown golf balls along the course. The first fairway is flanked by ponds along both sides. The third green is bordered by a pond along its right. The fifth green is has water wrapped around its right side too.
The most challenging water hole is the 290- yard, par four, fourth. Dakota Landing’s sig-nature hole features an island green that puts a premium on accuracy. There is no room for error.